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Develop impressive visuals for your website or web application with React, also known as ReactJS — a lightweight JavaScript library.

Get User-Oriented Results With Best ReactJS Development Services

Pixoatic Solutions provides end-to-end development services and creates innovative web applications for startups and large-scale enterprises. Having full-scale expertise in this JavaScript library, our professionals create exceptional user interfaces for web & mobile applications. We provide dynamic and business-specific React JS solutions that handle synchronization and data updates without reloading.

Our React Development Services

We provide web services with worldwide appreciation

UI/UX Development

Our experienced ReactJS developers utilize the best features of this JavaScript library to provide clients with web and mobile applications and appealing UI/UX designs. You will get an advanced web app with an excellent look and feel.

Custom ReactJS Development

If you want a customized web and mobile app that matches your specific business needs, you can rely on Sparx IT Solutions. We develop custom applications that meet all your requirements. We have become a reliable choice of customers by fulfilling their custom web app needs.

ReactJS Plugin Development

Our professionals are adept at creating custom plugins, add-ons, or extensions for your mobile or web application. Appending the extensions/add-ons to your mobile or web application will enable you to extend its existing functionality.

ReactJS Web App Development

We have plenty of experience in developing high-performance, SEO-friendly, and dynamic web applications for different clientele. Our developers will create an efficient web app with excellent usability using the ReactJS library. Choose us as your React.js development company to get unbeatable web apps.

ReactJS Migration Service

Choosing the right service provider can be crucial for the migration of your existing apps to ReactJS to make it smooth and hassle-free. We help in the migration of your applications without any impact on your business. Our professionals will perform every task during migration.

ReactJS Support & Maintenance

As a top-rated service provider, we provide reliable support and maintenance services for applications that are built using react-based frameworks, such as Next.js and Gatsby. We provide quality services and ensure that your app is functioning seamlessly.

Why choose React for web development?

Our web solutions are customer-oriented and competitive


React is a remarkable tool for building nearly any component in a web application – buttons, labels, texts, or even grids. The best part is code reusability. You don’t have to rewrite everything to add a new feature or apply some changes. This speeds up the development process, reduces costs, and boosts performance.


Even the most complex solution runs fast and smoothly with React. The technology uses virtual DOMs that selectively render elements of an app. Such an approach favors optimization, allowing the software to function effectively on any device.


Thanks to fast performance and meaningful structure, React-based apps have a better chance to rank high in search engines. Together with server-rendering, all these features ensure pages’ quick loading and indexing of every piece of content by search engines’ bots.


Testing React apps is easy due to the technology’s peculiarities. Our testers can easily track the performance of your UI with click events (special JavaScript elements) to ensure the layout is simple to use, effective, and flawless. Apart from that, there also are multiple options for technical testing with both manual & automated methods.

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React Js Developers?
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    React is a front-end library based on JavaScript for creating interactive UI web apps. React Native is a cross-platform framework for developing mobile apps for Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile. Although both technologies use reusable code, they still have some minor differences. For example, in React JS, components are named in the HTML format (p, h2, etc.), while in React Native they are View, Text, etc. Replace these, and you get a reusable code with minimum effort.

    Using the dynamic offerings of ReactJS, our professionals build interactive user interfaces for eCommerce web apps with the combination of JavaScript libraries, HTML tags, and CSS. After working on more than a hundred projects, we can say that ReactJS brings a competitive edge to every project including eCommerce websites in particular.

    Yes, we can. ReactJS was designed and created in a way that it can easily adapt gradually. It lets you use only a few features while leaving out the rest. We have used the combined capabilities of ReactJS and WordPress to create a security wall of code that hackers can not get into the sensitive data of your website. And, we have done it very successfully in many projects.

    Yes, we can help with that. Migrating to ReactJS can enhance the capabilities of your website from easy maintenance of state to utilization of virtual DOM.

    Since we have already developed a number of multilingual websites using the technology which includes websites that had both L2R & R2L languages, we can assure you about creating a fast-loading website using ReactJS.

    You can host your React application like any web app and multiple options are available for hosting. For instance, you host React apps on Heroku, Github Pages, Netlify, etc, but these are suitable for static websites. You want to choose a solution like Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, or AWS.

    ReactJS uses a Virtual DOM which is a copy of the real DOM. If there is a change state, instead of loading the whole DOM every time, the React DOM is recreated and compared with the previous version by using a different algorithm.